Relationships can be our greatest source of joy and also our greatest source of distress. We all want and need to feel loved, supported and emotionally connected in our intimate relationships.

When we don’t feel our needs are being met in ways that really matter to us, our patterns of interaction can trap us in negative cycles of hurt, resentment, and distance, which can leave us with a profound sense of despair and emotional isolation.

Sometimes when we can’t see a better way it may seem that the only way out of the pain and hurt is separation. But there is a better way. There is hope for greater closeness and happiness.

I'm passionate about helping couples recapture the strong, nurturing bonds of love that brought them together.

Through mindfulness and mutual respect, I work with couples to:

  • Strengthen their commitment and partnership
  • Improve their communication 
  • Deal with past disappointments and hurts
  • Rebuild trust 
  • Feel more connected, responsive, available, and in love
  • Become more understanding and accepting of each other   
  • Improve their sexual relationship 
  • Make a smooth transition from being a couple to being parents 
  • Parent more effectively

Couples Therapy


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